To Trust and Be Trusted

Hello Everyone,
Happy Friday!
I wanted to talk to you all about trust and trusting others!
No one wants to go through life alone. As people we are social by nature and look to others to help us cope and deal with the pressures of our lives!
But because we are social creators we open our selves up to these people, creating the ability to get hurt. As bad as it sounds pain is part of life and in order to experience the most from a life time we have to be open to this possibility!
Lucky for us we do have the options of who we let in and who we give Power too. We need to pick people who we can trust. People who have showed us why they deserve to have this power!
Pick your friends wisely they effect so much about your life and remember you have the ability to choose who you let in and who could potentially hurt you! Your friends chose to let you in so don’t hurt them they have trusted you with this power and that’s a huge compliment so be kind!
Love you all,


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