My apologies… again!

Hello all of my favorite readers!

I do apologize for my lack of posts this summer. Between Summer internships, summer classes, and a personal life I have neglected my responsibilities on my blog, something that I am really ashamed of. Every time I log on I have received more and more messages from you all thanking me for my posts or telling me that you enjoy my blog. I must say thank you so much for all these kind words it is you all that make me want to write more.

Since it has been so long since I have written I feel that it is only fair that I catch you up on my life and see if I can some how turn it in to a motivational speech for all of you! Since there has been a lot of things happening on my side of the computer screen I will be writing a separate post about all of this news. It should be up by tonight, hopefully sooner!

I am going to try to work on a more regular writing schedule. As of right now Tuesdays and Thursdays seem like promising post days!

Talk to y’all soon

Michelle <333

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