Happy 50th to The Sound Of Music

Hello again everyone,

I wanted to write a quick post since I just finished watching a special on the sound of music because of its 50th anniversary. To me, The Sound Of Music is more than a movie or a musical and I am sure many others feel this way as well. This movie is a movie that many of us grow you watching with our family.

Me and my mother watch it several times during the holidays as well as every time it is on TV. To me, this movie represents family, faith, freedom, and happiness. The whole movie really is about finding happiness and freedom. It shows a broken family becomes whole again and unhappy people find happiness. It is the ultimate feel good film. Maria is a strong woman who does what she needs to for her family and her love. Apart from the “I am 16 going on 17” this movie seemed ahead of its time on the power that strong women had.

I love everything about this movie from the songs to the dancing to the adorable goat puppet show. The Sound Of Music is a feel good family film that has become the ultimate classic.


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