Hello all of my favorite readers!

I just wanted to write to you about the word beautiful!


“adjective: having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.”

When I read this my first thought was not model, and that shouldn’t have been your thought either! My first thought was my family members, friends, and, of course, all of you! You see the problem that many people have today about, not feeling beautiful is do to all the photoshopped pictures that we have thrown at us every time we read a magazine, turn on the TV, or go on the internet! the only way to fix this problem is to realize what beauty really is!

Beauty is in every one of you! You all are beautiful because you are you! Everyone has their own form of beauty! You don’t have to have pouty lips like Angelina Jole or be as tall as Taylor Swift to be considered beautiful! All you have to do is be true to you! You don’t need the newest fashion trends or the latest hairstyle all you have to do is do what makes you happy! Because there is nothing more beautiful than a smile! Happiness will never go out of style!

Everyone should look in the mirror and realize that, that girl looking back at you is beautiful because she is you!!

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