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Hello beautiful people,
First I want to apologize for the lack of posts it’s getting towards the end of the year so I’ve been swamped with homework tests projects and an internship. So that got me thinking today I should write a post about how to life under stress and how to manage your life!
I know many of you are in college or high school and are probably facing these same problems others are probably working and trying to balance their time as well. I surely don’t have the solution to all of this but I do have some helpful tips. For one get a day planner and use it and then get a calendar and use that as we’ll! Knowing when things are due and what is coming up will help you stay organized and recognize what needs to be done first! Another tip I have is to take breaks don’t try and do everything at once you will loose your mind so take a little break here and there to take a breath, count to ten, listen to a song,or read a few pages I your favorite book. Believe me when you are an overwhelmed college student that little break can feel like a good nights sleep. Finally my last thing of Advice will give you is to avoid stress once you get in to full blown stress it is very hard to get out of it I personally get a panicky anxiety feeling when I am over stressed I always need to remember when I start to feel that way I need to walk away for five minutes just because I will get nothing done in that state of mind. I hope some of these things could help you you all are so smart you can do anything so don’t let stress stop you.

Love you all

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  1. Thank you for all of your inspiring posts. It SO nice to come across another blogger who has a blog for the same reason that I have mine. Please read and comment on my blog ( and with your permission, I would please like to advertise your blog. Have a blessed day! ♡:) Britney

    • Thank you for these kind words! Of course you may I must say you have an amazing blog so glad to see that there is another sharing my same mission! I am on my way to your blog now to do some more poking around and commenting! <3 🙂 Michelle

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