To The Seniors!

Hello all you wonderful people! I just wanted to write you another post. At these times many of you may be struggling through the last few weeks of classes. Especially all you high school senior taking your finals and anticipating prom and the last day you will sit aside your childhood friends. You know what your future hold for the most part. A small dorm room, new friends, and independence!

I wanted to write to you saying congratulations. To all of you you have made it so far no matter what steps you are taking right now there is and always will be an obstacle that you must choose what to do. For those getting ready to graduate your life is just getting ready to start you will spend your summer packing and anticipating the road of college you are just getting ready to embark on. You only can imagine the emotions that you will feel on graduation day saying good bye to the faces of people who you may never speak to again, for some this will seem like a good thing and for others you will not understand how much you will misshem till they are gone. You must learn how to balance keeping friends is hard especially when you may only see them for a few weeks a year, average winter breaks in colleges are over a month it may seem long now but when that is the only time in months that you can share your time with your family and you past friends it will go by to fast.

Dont get me wrong college is a great experience and you deserve to love every minute of it but it is a change and this time in your life is emotional. Just think about your prom date. You will be spending an entire night dancing in each others arms, but in a few months when you are at different colleges there may be a time were you wish that that night had not ended. Adjustment is hard but everyone gets through it.

I have a picture wall in my dorm. The pictures are all of me and my friends as I take more and more pictures with my college friends the high school side seems to be disappearing now this is not something I attended to happen but time changes people and it changes feelings to.

The last thing I want to do it sound like a downer but i want you all to know what to expect in the net few weeks and months you are all amazing and youdeserve to enjoy every second of this trip you are about to take it. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you and dont forget to smile this is your first steps of life and I want you all to thrive!ihgfd

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