Do your friends Define you?


Friends are some of the most important people in a woman’s life. Apart from family who knows you better then your best friend? They are the people we call crying after a break up, or invite over for a Dawson’s Creek marathon! Ask almost any woman what they are looking for in friendship, many of them would describe the relationship shown on Sex In The City people want that closeness that these four woman have. The chit chat, gossip, shopping, and yes, even the drama. You see these relationships may be a little dramatized but they are based off of our ideals. Choosing the right friends is very important since you spend so much time with these people you usually begin to share in similar interests. So choose people you want to influence your life, if you are a good student who wants to be a better student maybe a chose in friends who enjoy reading and put loads of effort into school is a good thing. But remember your friends are not you you must remember who you are regardless of who you spend your fridays night with!! 



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  1. Like I said that doesn’t make you a bad person you can define yourself 🙂 Friends are just partners in life that can help you out during lifes downs and also Its never to late to make more friends as well as stay close to childhood friends 🙂

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