STEM in First Grade


It’s STEM time in First Grade and my students are so excited!! For those of you who don’t know, STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math. Students are given materials and a general goal for what the end result of the project should be but are not instructed on how to construct the project. This form of learning allows students to think for themselves and exercise creativity. It can be frustrating for some students who struggle with creativity but the end results of the product are always amazing and they blow themselves away with their abilities!

Today, our STEM lesson involved Marble Run by Magic Journey! Students were put into four groups of four. In these groups they had to work as a team to design a marble run using all 44 pieces in their bucket and they only had 30 minutes to design, build and test. Many students struggled to keep their structure standing and had to hold it while they did their test runs. After building time had ended, students were given a glass marble, a neon ball (lighter in weight than the marble but the same size) and a timer. Students found that the marble had the fastest time and the neon ball had the slowest time!

My students love having STEM lessons incorporated into our schedule! Which is very exciting because our school just announced that they are hiring a STEM teacher for next year so EVERY student in our school will get to do STEM projects next year!!

For all you teacher…do you incorporate STEM into your classroom?? have any great lessons that you have taught, that your students absolutely loved? I am always looking for new STEM projects and lessons! This product is great for parents, teachers or those who spend time with children!! Get yours over at —->

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Happy Thursday,


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