Fast Times At Ridgemont (or any other) High

Hello everyone,

Fast times at Ridgemont high is one of my favorite movies, maybe not the most appropriate or morally sound movie but still one of my favorites. True, it came out before I was born but its still great. For all of you who don’t wish they lived in the decade before your birth let me tell you what the movies about. Relationships, drugs, sex, gambling, and way too much drama you know typical over dramatized teen movie. Now my post really has nothing to do with this movie other then the fact that I thought it would make for a catchy title.


I wanted to write to all of my high school readers today. Those who are about to graduate, head off to college, join the military, or work on a career. At this point in your life, you are about to go head to head with a whole lot of change and choices. Which college should I go to, what should I major in, do I want to take this job or that one, am I ready for the military? What every question you are looking to answer you should know that the only one who can answer them is you.

By saying this, I know I sound like a broken record or some sort of self-help pamphlet, but it’s true. For the first time, you all are facing what it’s like to make life altering decisions. It’s scary! I’ve been there just like so many others. The best advice I can give you is to listen to yourself, do what feels right and know when to politely ignore others opinions.

You are about to move on to a very different time in your life. It is the intermediate stage, where you learn how to become an adult. Whether you stay in the same town or move to a different country you will all experience change a lot of changes. Like trying to keep relationships with your friends from your hometown whether you or your friend moves away you should be prepared to put in the extra effort to keep these relationships strong. You also will need to learn to manage your money, your time, and your priorities. It is important to keep your morals and priorities your own in times of drastic change, sometimes people can get swept up in a new lifestyle because that’s what they think they should do what they are in new situations.

I am not saying any of this to scare you. But actually to do the opposite! I am saying this to help prepare you so you will thrive and smile through these obstacles in your life. But remember the last few months that you have left before these changes occur, enjoy it! Your high school experience may have seemed long but looking back you will think it flew by. Just like the times you are about to experience, you will look back and all this will seem so short so enjoy it while your living it!!

Good Luck ❤



Happy 50th to The Sound Of Music

Hello again everyone,

I wanted to write a quick post since I just finished watching a special on the sound of music because of its 50th anniversary. To me, The Sound Of Music is more than a movie or a musical and I am sure many others feel this way as well. This movie is a movie that many of us grow you watching with our family.

Me and my mother watch it several times during the holidays as well as every time it is on TV. To me, this movie represents family, faith, freedom, and happiness. The whole movie really is about finding happiness and freedom. It shows a broken family becomes whole again and unhappy people find happiness. It is the ultimate feel good film. Maria is a strong woman who does what she needs to for her family and her love. Apart from the “I am 16 going on 17” this movie seemed ahead of its time on the power that strong women had.

I love everything about this movie from the songs to the dancing to the adorable goat puppet show. The Sound Of Music is a feel good family film that has become the ultimate classic.



Hello all you beautiful people,

I apologize for the lack of posts over the last month. Between midterms and starting a new job, I was overwhelmed with obligations. But hey, it’s spring break time to get back to what I enjoy like this blog!

So today i  want to talk to you about fun. I’m sure we all have a different idea of fun it could be movies or a sport maybe shopping or even reading. Basically things that we like to do in our spare time. These things can be very important to a person’s sanity. For me, blogging is fun interacting with all of you and feeling like I’m helping a little bit.

Over the last few weeks, I have felt kind of overwhelmed with work school and housework and I know this time of year can be stressful for many people. It’s the time of the year when college students start looking at finals, adults do their taxes and all you high  school  seniors are trying to finalize your college choices. This time of year can be hard.

But at the same time this time of year is great the days start getting longer, the snow melts, the temperatures get warmer, you’re looking forward to summer or graduation or prom. These are the fun things that come along with this time of year. And they are just as important as all those stressful things that seem to way you down.

The best advice I can give to all of you is to slow down and breath every once and a while take some you time put down your work and do something fun. Try to focus on the good things that are coming not just the work. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel make sure you don’t get lost and always remember who you are and what’s really important!

Love you all