Reese Witherspoon At the Oscars!

Hello everyone!

I know that the title makes this sound like one of the typical Oscar posts! You know best and worst dress and all! However, I promise that this post will be very very different then what you are going to expect!

I just wanted to write to you about a few things that Reese Witherspoon brought up tonight! The first thing would be her Oscar Instagram post! Earlier tonight Reese wrote:

❤ this movement #AskHerMore..have you heard of it? It’s meant to inspire reporters to ask creative questions on the red carpet. I love the Oscars AND fashion like many of you – & am excited to share #WhoAmIWearinglater tonight. (not yet!!) But I’d also love to answer some of these Qs….And hear your suggestions?! (Share em below!) There are so many amazing, talented nominees this year..! Let’s hear their stories! Spread the word. #AskHerMore #Oscars #Countdown

What I loved about this is that she is trying to make an extremely vain aspect of the award show into so much more than that! I have never been one to idolize models or actresses however I think that a few of them can be seen as strong woman who deserve to be recognized. Reese Witherspoon is one of these women! She has gone through most of her career playing strong female leads that make a woman feel empowered. Now that she has began producing she has taken on stories of strong women, such as Wild.

Reese is a woman with a lot of influence on the world as well as on many young women and girls! For her to come out and say that although what people are wearing at the Oscars is fun. There is a lot more to a woman than their dresses, hairstyles, or overall appearance, is inspiring. I hope that many people realize that women are strong and can inspire!

I hope that others can see that there is more to a woman than her outfits, hair, or looks. People are beautiful for their personality, talents, kindness, good deeds, lovingness, strength, and soo soo much more! You are all beautiful inside and out! ❤




Hello all of my favorite readers!

I just wanted to write to you about the word beautiful!


“adjective: having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.”

When I read this my first thought was not model, and that shouldn’t have been your thought either! My first thought was my family members, friends, and, of course, all of you! You see the problem that many people have today about, not feeling beautiful is do to all the photoshopped pictures that we have thrown at us every time we read a magazine, turn on the TV, or go on the internet! the only way to fix this problem is to realize what beauty really is!

Beauty is in every one of you! You all are beautiful because you are you! Everyone has their own form of beauty! You don’t have to have pouty lips like Angelina Jole or be as tall as Taylor Swift to be considered beautiful! All you have to do is be true to you! You don’t need the newest fashion trends or the latest hairstyle all you have to do is do what makes you happy! Because there is nothing more beautiful than a smile! Happiness will never go out of style!

Everyone should look in the mirror and realize that, that girl looking back at you is beautiful because she is you!!

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Happy valentines day!!

Hello all of my favorite readers!

Today I just wanted to write to you wishing you all a happy valentines day! Remember this holiday is about spreading the love. So, If you are single on this holiday why be sad? Instead, send your love to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, classmates! Anyone who has a special place in your heart deserves to know!

I am particularly lucky this valentines day because I get to send love to all of you!! I love you all happy valentines day!!

Here’s my valentine to all of you!!


Why I have STOPPED Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

Hello all my favorite people!!

Today I want to write to you about something that upset me greatly! I am sure that you all have heard of the Kardashians, the three famous sisters on E’s Keeping up with The Kardashians reality show. I was never a huge fan, but I always choose to see the good in everyone and look on the positive side of life. However today I saw something that honestly I couldn’t ignore!!

Look at the picture bellow! So cute right, Kourtney posted this picture of her daughter Penelope and her friends. I am a sucker for little kid pictures I must admit I think they’re adorable. BUT then I read the caption. “Little chick in the back super salty she ain’t part of the crew” Honestly its so mean Its disturbing! To comment negatively on a small child’s appearance just for a joke or attention is probably one of the most immature and cruel things I have ever seen.


Kourtney is one of those women who is always in the public eye, she’s a Kardashian. So I’m sure that she has been the target of many cruel jokes and comments. I do not know why anyone would think this type of behavior is okay, but she definitely should know better. The girl in the back is beautiful and angelic, she is a child and deserves respect.

To me a person who would treat anyone like this never mind a child needs to learn how to respect others and be kind. Needless to say, I will never again be keeping up with the Kardashians again!!

I apologize for this rant. I realize that most of my posts are positive and upbeat however I felt like this needed to be addressed!

What is Reality TV Doing To Reality

Hello all my beautiful readers,

Have you all noticed the sudden change in the TV programs in the last decade or so? It seems like every night I can  flip through the channels and find multiple reality TV shows. Whether this is The Bachelor, Real House Wifes or some sort of Jersey Shore wannabe show. It gets me wondering if TV’s idea of reality it altering reality in a whole.

It seems like expectations of growing up has changed, I believe that if TV reality was our actual reality our lives would go something like this:

Your 20’s: Sleeping all day Drinking all night

Your 30’s: Finding your Mr. right then cheat, lie, ang fighting with 20 other woman for his love

Your 40’s +: Being a wealthy housewife, living in a community filled with drama and other housewives you can’t stand

I don’t know about you, but this is in no way like my reality. I feel like these shows are fine when watching them for a pure entertainment purpose but when people start to idolize these lifestyles or try to keep up with these behaviors they can become very dangerous. When young people try and jump into a Jersey Shore like lifestyle people can get hurt physically and mentally. I am sure very few people sit down to an episode of Survivor then go off to find a secluded island to try to survive however the amount of people who think that a life of booze, partying, and casual sex is the new norm is astounding.

As a young woman, you are entitled to your own opinions and choices however I do urge you all to think hard before choosing a lifestyle that may seem fun and harmless but in reality is harmful to both your physical body and mental well being. Some people argue that these shows are scripted, exaggerated, or fake however to many people these shows are real. I hope that you all realize that even if these shows are real this is not the normal life of a 20 something. I hope that you do not take what I just said the wrong way, I would never tell anyone to try to fit into the norm. However, I just want to promote safety and awareness, as well as my personal opinion and experiences on these issues!

As a college student, I understand the pressures of living an exciting life as well as feeling the freedom and independents that many of you do or will eventually feel. But you need to know that it is indeed your choice to life how you want to live. Don’t worry about what your friends, roommates, or neighbors are doing. Do your own thing and I guarantee there are other people who choose to live similarly and would love an amazing and strong friend like you!!

I am not here to judge nor am I here to tell you what to do I just hope that you make your own decisions and live your life for you! As well as keep in mind the potential dangerous situations that come with whatever choice you make. You are the person who has to life your own life and deal with you own choices! reality-tv

Aaron’s Challenge!

Hello all you beautiful people,

Today I had I received a very inspiring comment on one of my posts! A reader by the used name of Aaron Quini Wrote into me saying that they want everyone who reads this to tell someone they are beautiful tomorrow!

“So do me a favor; tomorrow, give someone a compliment. tell them that they’re a beautiful person. Just something nice, please. It doesn’t have to be bae or bestie or boo, just anyone. Even that one kid you said hi to on the first day of school and then never talked to since. Please…. Like for real. It’d mean the world to them. Thanks.”

I think Aaron’s suggestion is inspiring, brave, and brilliant! I highly encourage everyone to do this! Not only will you make the day of someone but you also may make a new friend! If you decide to partake (which again I hope You all will) please let us know how it went your experiences could inspire others to do the same!


Hope Dies Last

Hello all you beautiful people!

Today has been a day filled with Dawson’s Creek, which is just a typical Saturday in my house. I sit down with a Diet coke and a bag of chips and mindlessly watch the screen that is just overflowing with 90’s teen angst. Okay so confession time I am absolutely in love with all of these fictional characters, if my friends are busy I turn on Dawson’s creek where I know all of my friends from the creek will be there smiling even though they are going through the absolute most dramatic and life-altering experiences that any teenager would go through, just 10 times more dramatic. But during this marathon I was indulging in I heard my favorite quote “hope dies last”. I always forget that this quote is in this show which just gives me even more reasons to love the show.

I am not sure why this quote is my favorite I think it’s because even though it sounds sorrowful it rings with optimism. It is one of those quotes that can be interpreted differently by each reader. I take it as everything could be going wrong but you maintain your hope! It’s like watching a sad movie you know the wife is sick but you keep on hoping that their love will miraculously heal her and they will walk off into the sunset holding hands as the screen fades to black, and you know that everything will be okay. But the majority of the time these types of movies don’t end like this. It doesn’t seem to matter to us we still keep this hope.

I think this is a very good lesson in the real world too. Did you all know that JK Rowling (the writer of Harry Potter) was a welfare mom who wrote the Harry Potter novels in here spare time, even though she got turned down from published after publisher, who said she will never make any money off of these books, she maintained hope that she would one day get her big break. Well, her hope paid off and now she is one of the wealthiest women in the UK. This can happen to you too!! All you have to do is follow your dreams and keep your hope.

No matter how many people tell you you can’t, remember that you can. Things may seem far off or even impossible, but you can do whatever you set you heart and mind on. I believe in all of you but most importantly you need to believe in you too. The first step to completing any goal is to believe that you can complete and accomplish the goal. So when you decide what it is you want to accomplish, believe you can and then do it!!


Im On Tumblr!

Hello all my favorite people!

Here is some new and exciting news… I now have a Tumblr! My boyfriend’s little sister, Heather has set one up for me so that all of you who do not have a WordPress can follow me on Tumblr. This will just be another option for you all, making my blog a little more accessible to everyone!

It will be the same posts I post on this site and all of the links will redirect you to . I hope you guys decide to follow me there to!! Just click the picture bellow to see my Tumblr!

Love you all!!


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Social Media

Hello, all my beautiful readers,

A few days ago I wrote about the 20 Beautiful woman tag. I have gotten a few mixed messages from my readers on this tag, some people see it as inspirational and others see it as a popularity contest. I couldn’t agree more with both of these opinions. It is both good and bad, it can make people feel beautiful when nominated and yet at the same time it makes other feel left out when they are not nominated. In my initial post about this tag I nominated all of you, every single person who reads my blog or even just stumble upon it right now. My Instagram feed is in the sidebar so feel free to mention that I tagged you. I want you all to feel beautiful because you all are beautiful!

This whole debate on good versus bad and helpful versus harmful had me thinking about social media as a whole. Are we harming ourselves by subjecting ourselves to a cruel virtual world where we are exposed to either criticism, neglect or praise. Social media is a funny thing it can help you stay connected with people who you haven’t seen or just feel like chatting to but I think too much of the younger generation (AKA my generation) social media has become a place to brag. Now I don’t always think this is a bad thing I’m a little guilty of showing off my accomplishments on social media like I’m sure many of you do as well. But there is a different between showing your accomplishments and posting something to deliberately make someone else feel bad. This is harassment and bullying, it is wrong!

Social media has turned into a like game. How many likes can I get? Why did no one like my post/picture? Why did she get more likes then I did? These are all valid questions in today’s social media society. But honestly this is what social media is, it is like another version of high school where people can hide behind computers or cell phones to play the popularity game.

These things can really harm a young person’s self-esteem. It seems like what social media thinks is the biggest things in the world, you think that these peers of yours that you have to subject yourself to every day at school then again to the on twitter, facebook, or Instagram. You think these people control your life and their opinion of you is all that matters but this is false! The only opinion of you that should matter is your own!!!  Every one of you is beautiful, you all are smart, and you all are capable of accomplishing your dreams. The only person you should have to convince this too is you! You control your future, your feelings and your life! Don’t let others pull you down because if you don’t let them drag you down you can’t loose they do and you win.

I know that somethings I am trying to get through to everyone sound like clichès. But they are true and trust me when you start really believing them amazing things will happen to you. You will be so much happier and your life will get that much brighter!  Remember you all are beautiful and if you choose to subject yourself to social media as most people do, you control you. You don’t need the acceptance of these peers who honestly will not matter to you down the road when you have graduated and started living you live.


Laura Ingles Wilder

Hello, everyone happy Saturday!

Today is the birthday of a very important woman Laura Ingalls Wilder. Most of you will know her as the woman who wrote the Little House On The Prairie books or even the little girl in the television show portrayed by Milissa Gilbert. in many ways this woman has made a big impact on my life since she died in 1957 I clearly have never met her. But the words that she wrote in her books have helped guide my through so many of life’s tricky situations. Sure, our lives were completely different, many of the lessons she wrote about can still apply to girls lives today. 

Her words have gone on to inspire generations after generation. First the generations who read her books using their imaginations to envision what these strong characters looked like. Then the generations who were influenced by the television show that was on for 9 years. I grew up watching reruns and reading her books during my school reading hour. The adventures of Laura and Mary were inspiring to me and they also taught me so much about life. Sure I was never going to grow up on the Prairie or experience the fears of going blind like Mary did. But still these books and television episodes tell the stories of amazingly strong woman in a time where that wasn’t the norm.

To Me Laura Ingles Wilder is a role model, she was a woman ahead of her time.

melissa-gilbert-with-dog imgres