Advertisements aren’t just annoying!

Ads are one of those things that annoy all of us yet we can’t avoid them! Your TV, billboards, magazines, even this website all have ads! But what if these ads aren’t just annoying they’re harmful?

Today I was browsing around the internet and found ads that horrified me. They were extremely sexist and derogatory! It made me thing about the message it sends woman everywhere. It’s horrible! we should be pushing positive messages to all the woman in the world! We should be empowering woman we need to stick together.

The things that shocked me the most was the amount of rude and offensive ads aimed at teen girls! It seems like companies are trying to tear down these girls till they feel like they need these products! This is just plain mean, I never understood why others would want to hurt people but the idea that people are intentionally ripping people’s confidence apart for their own gain is disturbing and cowardly!

If you have to rip people apart to sell your product then you need a better product!!!

Bellow I am posting some ads I find particularly offensive!




Personally these companies are dead to me if you need to rip apart woman to sell your products then you will never get a dime from me! All woman are beautiful and smart all we should have to worry about is making our selfs happy in our own skin. We should not give in to the average woman stereotype because we are so much more than this!!

4 responses to “Advertisements aren’t just annoying!”

  1. …WOW. I can’t believe those ads ever saw the light of day! What kind of idiot marketing directors think that such negativity is okay?!

    • I think companies need to realize how harmful these things can be. It shouldn’t just be about making the sale, it should be about the well being of the consumer as well!

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