Mirror Checks

Okay, so its 9 Am you get up, shower, hair, makeup, clothing you’re ready for the day! You’re about to walk out the door, but you have to look in the mirror one last time. However, this time is different than the other times, this last look is filed with judgment, and anxiety. It’s like that scene in the princess diaries when Mia looks in the mirror and says “that’s as good as it’s going to get.”


This is something that every girl does. It seems to be hardwired in us to give ourselves that last hit on our self-confidence right before we walk out the door and enter the cruel world.

So why do girls think that their worth lies only in their image?

Have you ever thought about what makes you beautiful? It is your hair color, jean size, or length of your legs? Or is it you thoughts, emotions, and actions? If we can change the way we think of beauty our problems can be solved! I know that changing the world’s opinions isn’t something that I will be able to do but maybe I can change your opinion. Because to me one more happy and confident girl in the world is a miracle that should be celebrated.

Did you know that reports state that only 2% of teenage girls admit to thinking there beautiful! This statistic literally makes my stomach ache. I think the journey, to feeling beautiful, doesn’t start with makeup or curlers it starts with love for yourself and pride in your thoughts, accomplishments, and actions.

A woman named Lizzie Velasquez has been named the ugliest woman in the world, but I think she is the most beautiful! She suffers from a rare syndrome that prevents her from gaining weight making her appear different than others. She has been bullied and tormented by strangers, colleagues, and classmates. However, she took this as an opportunity to speak out about what beauty actually is and what makes her actually one of the most beautiful woman in the world!

I am going to post her video bellow I want you all to watch it! so that you can see what beauty really means because believe me this woman is beautiful and inspiring!!lizzie_velasquez


I personally think that after you listen to her talk you will no longer worry about your mirror check because you will know you are beautiful for the amazing things you do everyday!!


I Love Being Crazy

Happy Tuesday everyone,

So if you live anywhere on Earth today I am sure you have heard the stereotype that woman are just crazy. Well, you know what for once I am not going to fight this accusation I am going to own it.

All throughout history woman have been accused of doing crazy things by men by other woman and y society as a whole. But in the end that crazy thing we did may end up saving life or changing the world. Honestly let’s all be crazy and let’s look at the facts!

Rosa Parks:

Crazy for: Sitting in a seat

Hero for: Creating one of the greatest civil rights protests of all time for sitting in that seat. American Hero I think so!


Dr Elizabeth Blackwell

Crazy for: wanting to do a man’s job

Hero for: Becoming the first female Dr. and saving and healing countless number of people


Mary Wollstonecraft

Crazy for: Her nonsense writing

Hero for: Being the “mother of feminism” writing her paper on how woman are not inferior to men because of our biology or anatomy but because woman need to be more educated Stating a movement for women’s education and gender equality


Marie Curie

Crazy for: Thinking she was smarter than a man

Hero for: Her work as a chemist and physicist going on to win not 1 but 2 Nobel Prize


Jane Goodall

Crazy for: The crazy gorilla lady

Hero For: Her amazing work in primatology and anthropology as well as an amazing animal activist and conservationist.


So basically the point I am trying to make is if these women are crazy I will gladly say that I am crazy too. These women make me proud to be a woman. And for all you girls out there never let someone tell you your crazy or your idea is crazy you may just be the next big hero!

Advertisements aren’t just annoying!

Ads are one of those things that annoy all of us yet we can’t avoid them! Your TV, billboards, magazines, even this website all have ads! But what if these ads aren’t just annoying they’re harmful?

Today I was browsing around the internet and found ads that horrified me. They were extremely sexist and derogatory! It made me thing about the message it sends woman everywhere. It’s horrible! we should be pushing positive messages to all the woman in the world! We should be empowering woman we need to stick together.

The things that shocked me the most was the amount of rude and offensive ads aimed at teen girls! It seems like companies are trying to tear down these girls till they feel like they need these products! This is just plain mean, I never understood why others would want to hurt people but the idea that people are intentionally ripping people’s confidence apart for their own gain is disturbing and cowardly!

If you have to rip people apart to sell your product then you need a better product!!!

Bellow I am posting some ads I find particularly offensive!




Personally these companies are dead to me if you need to rip apart woman to sell your products then you will never get a dime from me! All woman are beautiful and smart all we should have to worry about is making our selfs happy in our own skin. We should not give in to the average woman stereotype because we are so much more than this!!

A smile a day will attract friends who will stay!

Today I want to talk to you all about staying positive and how beneficial it can be for you! When I was in high school my grandmother would pick me up from school and every day she would say the same think like why don’t you smile more you’ll make new friends. I never understood what she meant by this till recently.

When I was in high school I never wanted to be there so I never smiled now that I have more to smile about I have realized that maybe my positive attitude is responsible for all the close relationships with people I have formed recently! I know personally that I love to be around happy people, everyone does because they make you happy. Its simple if you are happy people will want to be around you. This will help you make friends, get a job, and just survive awkward or dreaded situations.

I read an article saying that faking an emotion can actually trick your brain into feeling that emotion. Basically the muscles in your face trigger your brain to think the way it does when you typically make that expression. So if you smile more you will be happy!

So now everyone I challenge you to one day of smiling. Think about how you feel right now are you sad, mad, lonely? well I bet if you go through your day tomorrow smiling and keeping a positive outlook you will feel better tomorrow night then you do right now. Even if you are happy try it no one can ever be too happy


Guilty Pleasures

Hey y’all

So today I wanted to talk to you about stress, happiness and guilty pleasures. Okay moms don’t worry this will be rated G I promise!

Many people do not understand the amount of stress the typical teenager is going through. There is friends, family, school work, relationships, social media, jobs, crushes, bullies. OMG make it stop!! I get stressed just talking about this stuff. I lived through all these stressors at one point or another! So let me start by telling you the truth… Stress will never go away but you can manage it, embrace it and kick stresses but!

When I was in High school I dealt with all the stressful things I mentioned just as many of you are experiencing now! But when I got to college everything changed, sure I still had a lot of these same stressors but I learned how to conquer them!

First the most important thing to know is that you will be okay whatever it is take a deep breath look in the mirror and remind yourself this is your life you are in control!!!

Next find your outlet! This can be tricky for me it is either to watch my favorite movie (The Breakfast Club) Watch my favorite TV Show (Dawsons Creek) Or read my favorite book (Battle for Honor: Gates) But for you this may be different! Maybe you like sketching or painting or bubble baths or working out or singing. Whatever you like to do whether you are bad or good do it!!

Next, talk to someone tell you friend, mom, sister, boyfriend, whoever! tell them you are stressed or sad I know from personal experience sometimes you need to hear from someone else that this is not the end of the world or maybe you need a hug!

Finally, look in the mirror again! know that  you have calmed down you can see it, your beautiful smile, or your sparkling eyes! Know that you are you and that you are in control!

Love you guys remember your beautiful



Adding One More Miracle To My Family

Hello all you amazing readers!

First I hope you can all forgive me for my lack of posts and I do mean lack of posts!! I wanted to update you all on what has been going on in my little life. I am a Junior in college now still studying hard trying to figure out how I’ll be able to turn my passion for helping people like you all into a career. I moved into my very own home its very small but it’s wonderful because its mine! But most importantly my family welcomed a beautiful baby girl into yesterday morning. Her name is Milania and she is absolutely perfect in every way!!! Although I haven’t met her yet because I am away from my home town I am beyond excited for Saturday when Ill finally get to see her cuteness in person!! Ashley (the mother) is such a strong and inspiring woman, I know that Milania is going to grow up just the same!

In honor of Milania and Ashley I wanted to write to you all about change and love! These two things seem like they may have nothing in common but they actually have a heck of a lot in common. I’m sure you have all heard the cliche love is about compromise, but sometimes it goes more like: love is about change! which is not always a bad thing. Ashley’s life has changed forever! After yesterday she went from being a daughter, sister, cousin, friend, hairdresser, woman, ect… to being all that plus her new and most important title MOTHER!! Milania is a product of love and that love brought along this amazing baby girl and a lot of change to the life of her family! SO you can see change and love go hand and hand.

I’m sure some of you reading this are mothers or fathers and have experienced this positive and amazing change but for all of you younger ladies this may not apply to you for years! So let’s come up with a story for you all COLLEGE! I know many of my readers are in high school nd believe it or not college or jobs will happen for you eventually and you will have to face a lot of change! You will have to deal with moving away or having others move away and sometimes that is your love, this can be hard! You will not know whether you should give up or hang on. Well let me tell you, you have the answer I promise you! You are the one who needs to make that choice don’t let anyone else make that choice for you because then you are letting this other person control your life! Be strong and take your time you are young, you have time to fall in love or out of love many times. This can hurt but you will heal! I am not saying that love at a young age isn’t real because believe me I know it is just as real at 15 ten it is at 50 but  your heart will guide you and you will make the right changes for you!

I love you all your are amazing and beautiful



10931028_10155063102160247_4891530656361074178_n Welcome to the world Milania ❤

I cracked the Code!!

Hello everyone!!

Ohh how I have missed you all!!! I sincerely apologize for my long long disappearance. I was just an airhead and changed my password then forgot it and also changed my phone number, which was the only, was I could change my password! But finally after months I figured it out and boy was it a good feeling!!! When i finally got back on I had so many amazing messages from all of you! Tonight my plan is to go through all of them and right back! I want you all to know that you are my friends and every message meant too much to me and I feel horrible for the lack of posts! I promise I will make up for it I will post something very special in a few hours! I must say I am glad to be back

Love all of you beautiful and wonderful People