When the train moves to fast

A lot if people try to take things to fast they know the out come they want and they try to jump there instead of earning it. There is a new song by Miranda lambert about how things are to automatic now and it has really got me thinking about what we are missing when we jump straight to the end.
I am talking about a lot if different things when I say this. I am talking about everything from relationships to work. There once was a time when people viewed innocence as beautiful and people worked there way to the top. Now I am not here to say that this was a correct way of living and that we need to revert back but I just think it was a simpler way of living and that things were done in the right time. When you take things on at the proper speed you get to enjoy all of it.
I just believe that to enjoy life you can not skip through it you must learn to in brace everything fro your own beauty to your journey through life.
So what I am trying today is don’t rush we have many years on Earth so why try to fly through these experiences if you do you may run out of the exciting times in your life before you are meant to!