Mistakes or Happy Accidents

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to write to you all about making mistakes. Everyone does it and it is unavoidable in life. However maybe these little mistakes are actually what made your life what it is today. When I was little I was always told to make good choices because it only takes one mistake to ruin your life. I realize that this is true for example a mistake like drunk driving can kill you, but I am not talking about these big mistakes I am talking about little ones that you learn from and move on from.

So if we can’t avoid mistakes then how should we handle them We should learn from them. If you date someone and later realize that it was a mistake learn from it maybe you realize the different characteristics that you want and don’t want in a partner. I always try to look on the bright side of things and their is a bright side of mistakes as well. You just need to realize that mistakes happen and that you can learn from them and maybe good things will come out of that mistake.

Today you are who you are because of the choices you made in life. A few of these choices may have been a mistake but with out those mistakes you would not know what you know and you would not be where you are. Remember to smile and look at things with a glass half full because tomorrow is another day.

I love you all





What makes you you

Hello everyone,
Today I wanted to write to all of you about knowing how special you are. When I was younger I never thought I was good at anything. I wasn’t athletic I wasn’t good at an instrument or anything else.  But as you grow as a person you start to realize what is really valuable in life. You may not be the next Alicia Keys but you may be the next pediatric nurse. When you start to realize that maybe your talent of calming a sick child is just as good as having a beautiful voice.
Today I wanted to tell you all that you are special you may not see it now but you all have a great gift. You have something special that makes you you. And don’t let any one judge you or make you feel like your gift or talent Is less then anyone elses. Sure you may not be an Oscar winner but being a teacher. Teaching children to read is just as admirable as putting on a good concert.
So don’t feel discouraged is you don’t get the solo on your high school chorus concert because there is greatness in every one of you
I love you all
Xoxo michelle


Hey Guys

I wanted to write to all of you today about family. 

My Uncle has recently passed away and losing people you love really makes you think about how important family is. We hug them when we see them and end our calls with a “love yah” but these things have become such a natural and common thing it makes me wonder how we should really show our love for our family. 

I am one of the guiltiest people when it comes to getting tied up in my own life and I am not the best at balancing my schedule. So I thought from know on I will not let life pass me by whether it be my own or a loved ones. I will visit, call, write, or what ever else I can do to let them know I love them. 

So go hug your family right now tell them you love them and just how much they mean to you!


I love you all

Michelle xoxo