saying goodbye

Hello everyone I hope you are making the most of this beautiful Friday! I wanted to write you about relationships today. Relationships are great when your with the right person but as many of you have or will find out you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. And having to say goodbye [...]

Keep Moving Forward

Hello All my favorite people!! So I am sure that many of you have seen the disney movie Meet The Robinson's and if you have then you know the moral and slogan for the movie is keep moving forward. I have watched this movie recently and I thought this would make for a good post. [...]

Always end with a friend

Hello all you wonderful people!I was just sitting here in my room thinking about what I should write about tonight!  Then I thought of one of the most important aspects of every persons life. Friendship!! Friendships means different things to everyone some people may rely on their friends for everything in life, some people may [...]

"YOU" is beautiful!

Hello all of my favorite people,I wanted to write to you about new year resolutions! Im sure we have all heard so many people talking about this being the year that they quit smoking, loose weight, get their dream job, ect... and I'm sure you all have some resolutions of your own. Resolutions can be [...]

Happy New Year

Hello all you beautiful peopleSorry I have been away for so long! Ugh I feel horrible about how long it has been! I just got swallowed with all the stress and time I had to put into finals and work and internships its been quite the few months for me. But i'm back now so [...]