A Week Of Complements

Hello all my beautiful readers! Today I wanna talk to you about a challenge that I just completed! Its called a week of complements and I loved it. Here are the rules You must give complements to different people depending on the day for one week. Sunday: Compliment A family member Monday: Compliment a friend [...]

RJ Brousseau

Hello everyone I have gotten a lot of Emails and comments about the my post involving my favorite book! it seems to me that a lot of you are as into sci-fi and fantasy as I am. Well I just wanted to tell you of an opportunity that I found on the authors blog! It [...]


Okay ladys confession time! Im sure we all have gone to edit our photos in hope that we will look like the celebrities and get that perfect profile picture. But if you really think about it what are we really doing here? We are changing who we are. And lets face it we need to [...]

Humans of New York

Today I want to give credit to another blog that I just discovered. Its called humans of New York and it is amazing and heart warming! Who ever the blogger is, has a beautiful mind and soul. It focuses around pictures that she took of people in New York she writes things that they say [...]

Be Happy Not Hungry!

Hello again Look at this I guess I just have to much to say tonight! So I wanted to write to all of you girls out there who see them selfs as over weight. Recently at my school I have been helping a freshman who has a history of an eating disorder. She is doing [...]