If you can’t beat them you don’t have to join them

There are people you will come across who seem to just float through life putting in little effort and getting everything that you want. Some time you may notice that these people cheat lie or steal to get to we’re they want to be. Your better then that and even though you may need to work hard and put in time and effort you might not want to give up you are going to get there and gain experience persistence and respect for yourself! Cheating and rushing is not the right way to do things in life and you all are beautiful and wonderful people who deserve to know how it feels to do things the right way and accomplish your goals!!


Picking your self up

There are people in this world that you relay on, friends family they are people who are there for when you need a good vent or shoulder to cry on.
But there is going to come a time when you need to be strong for your self you need to be your own hero! Pick your self up and turn that frown upside down. Life is hard there will be times when these people who you count on aren’t always able to be there as we grow older these people’s may get busy with there own family career or you may drift apart.
Picking good friends is important but being your own best friend is just as important!

Love you all <33