Safe Haven

So tonight i sat down with my mom to watch Safe Haven It was a great movie about falling out of love and falling in love. Not to give anything a way but a lot of the movie revolved around “katie’s” past with an abuse alcoholic husband. This idea brings up a lot of issues. 

Everyone wants to believe that the person they love is perfect, never going to hurt them, and will always be there for them. Unfortunately this is not always the case, there are far to many cases of abuse in the world and as woman we need to stick together. People in this scenario usually do not see a way out the abusers have them scared for their lives so scared they feel they will be killed if they are caught. But believe me if you are in this situation you have options. There are numbers you can call, contact the police, tell your friends, tell your family. What ever you choose to do TELL SOMEONE!!! Woman die from this to many times and please don’t let this happen to you this is NOT your fault you need to get out of there and find your own safe haven.Image

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