Being afraid

Every one has those things that they dread whether your afraid of these things or you just hate coming in contact with these things and scenarios. Fear is healthy! it comes from our natural instincts from the dayswhen we could have been considered pray. But there are some things that we are missing out on [...]

Safe Haven

So tonight i sat down with my mom to watch Safe Haven It was a great movie about falling out of love and falling in love. Not to give anything a way but a lot of the movie revolved around "katie's" past with an abuse alcoholic husband. This idea brings up a lot of issues. Everyone [...]

To The Seniors!

Hello all you wonderful people! I just wanted to write you another post. At these times many of you may be struggling through the last few weeks of classes. Especially all you high school senior taking your finals and anticipating prom and the last day you will sit aside your childhood friends. You know what [...]

Get To Know Me

I have gotten several E-mails from people asking me to talk more about my self. Since I am trying to focus my blog on you guys and just telling you my experience on finding confidence and happiness I thought I would simply do the get to know me tag so that I can tell you [...]

Your inner fights

Think of an acquaintance of yours, she may be a quite girl in your math class or a new neighbor who moved into your neighborhood. Now think about their lives you probably realize that you don't know them very well which should make you realize you have no right to judge them. I know you [...]