Living, Breathing… YOU!!

Hello you beautiful people, Today I want to talk about you! Even thoughI don’t know any of you personally I want to tell you that you are all amazing and deserve so much in your life. Many tragic and horrifying stories have hit the new recently about young people who give up on life because of things that others have said or done to them. I want to stress that fact that you are you and that is who you should live for. If you are in high school  I promise you that in a few short years these people will only be a memory so instead of focusing on the negative gain a positive and work towards your goals. If your goal is to get out of your townand away from these peoplethen do it work hard in school get good grades and move on with your life! I love you allgood luck!!!


PS sorry i haven’t written lately But im back now I promise ❤



PS these are know where near the best years of your life

High school is rough everyone will tell you it gets better but these words are hard to understand when you are stuck In a world full of people who seem to just focus on making you feel bad about yourself, unwanted, and ugly but these people will mean noting to you after graduation day.
I understand that this seems like a long time away but in actuality it isn’t and you will get by this and make it to the life you want. In my personal experience I was never bullied not did I hate high school but I knew many kids who could understand both of these. I personally love college it is so much better then high school and I can see how much of a change it really is so believe me when I say high school is the worst of it it gets better!!
So everybody I promise you these years are know where near the best years of your life!! Just thin about what’s to come college, a career, marriage, children everything is still waiting for you so stick though these tough years they will make you who you are!!