College Partying


Hey girls! I am not here to judge either way weather you decide to  go into college as a straight edge or a partier. But for those who decide to party i want you to be safe about it. Im not gonna be a mother and preach to you however there are things you should know. First of all never ever take a drink from someone the idea of roofies are 100% real and happens more then you think. At the college I am attending the frats have been known for these issues never take a drink from anyone!! Secondly think before you drink!!! What are your thoughts about the night make a plan, will I drink if so how much? Am I gonna hook up with a boy If so how far? Even if you get drunk having these things in your head may actually help you keep your head at least half way. Many girls will wake up the next morning regretting things that happened on “thirsty thursday” try to avoid being one of those girls! College is a great experience you will make new friends, learn, gain new experiences, maybe even fall in love but be careful bad decisions can easily effect the rest of your life. A bad night can leave you with a disease, emotionally scared, physically hurt, raped or even dead!! Be careful campus security is not just making this up on your orientation day! have fun girls but please be safe!!!

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