Email Me!

Hello every one so just a quick update I appreciate all of the wonderful support you have all given me and I will continue to do my best!! The things that keep me so motivated are the messages and comments I get from you all. I just received one from a mother telling me that [...]

Rules of Life

Hello my beautiful readers! I just wanted to write a quick blog but wasn't sure what to write about. Today in my Anthropology class we were talking about the rules that people must live by... People were bringing up rules like don't kill, don't steal, pay taxes, ect but when the discussion came to be [...]

Defining you

Have you ever urban dictionary'd your name? Most likely it comes up with a mess of adjectives do scribing someone else with your same name. If I look up Michelle I get A kind of girl superior to the rest; the smartest, most beautiful girls in the world are named Michelle, they all have amazing [...]

Stress Overload

Hello every body I apologize for me not blogging yesterday but I was having one of those overly stressful days! I had a huge test today that I felt completely unprepared for and spent my entire day studying and reading and studying!! So today I thought Id talk about stress!! Everyone has times when stress seems [...]